Agency for Social Skills Education Training


At the Agency for Social Skills Education and Advancement (ASSET), we help children and adults be socially successful within their community, school and family settings


About Patti & Mary

Patti Kehoe & Mary LaShomb are both special education teachers with strong interest and training in the social skills areas.  

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Our Mission and Services

Acquiring essential social skills will help children and adults foster lifelong success, happiness & health. Our goal is to teach these social skills in a supportive and safe environment while encouraging independence.

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Who Are We For?

Our services are open to individuals with a wide variety of needs. A formal diagnosis is not necessary. To see a complete list of needs that we cover, please clock below.

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Why are social skills important?

Social skills are defined as the set of skills that people use to interact with one another. Social skills are integral to life success, happiness and fulfillment.